The West Coast Tennis Tour

San Diego to Seattle

May 15 – August 12

 13 Weeks, 13 Tournaments, 1 Training Week

The West Coast Tour is the road trip of a lifetime. Each player will be immersed into our team culture and gain the experience of a summer filled with competing. The trip up the Pacific Coast Highway will bring extraordinary sights and unforgettable moments. The competition will make you grow as a player. The adventures, the comradery, and the travel will make you grow as person.

West Coast Tour Schedule
May 15                                                     Tuesday                                                               San Diego, CA                                                           Training/Boot Camp
May 18                                                     Friday                                                                   San Diego, CA                                                           Tournament #1
May 25                                                     Friday                                                                   Avila Beach, CA                                                        Tournament #2
May 29                                                     Monday                                                               Santa Cruz, CA                                                          Training Week
June 7                                                      Thursday                                                              Danville, CA                                                              Tournament #3
June 11                                                    Monday                                                                Sunriver, OR                                                             Tournament #4
June 14                                                    Thursday                                                              Bend, OR                                                                   Tournament #5
June 20                                                    Wednesday                                                          Portland, OR                                                             Tournament #6
June 28                                                    Thursday                                                               Wenatchee, WA                                                       Tournament #7
July 5                                                        Thursday                                                               Roseburg, OR                                                           Tournament #8
July 12                                                      Thursday                                                               Salem, OR                                                                 Tournament #9
July 19                                                      Thursday                                                               Beaverton, OR                                                          Tournament #10
July 24                                                      Tuesday                                                                 Tacoma, WA                                                             Tournament #11
July 31                                                      Tuesday                                                                 Seattle, WA                                                               Tournament #12
August 7                                                   Tuesday                                                                 Moraga, CA                                                              Tournament #13

13 Men’s and Women’s Open Tournaments (all levels welcome)

  • San Diego, CA
  • Avila Beach, CA
  • Danville, CA
  • Sunriver, OR
  • Bend, OR
  • Portland, OR
  • Wenatchee, WA
  • Roseburg, OR
  • Salem, OR
  • Beaverton, OR
  • Tacoma, WA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Moraga, CA

We encourage players to enter singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

Players will cover their own entry fees.  We will send emails to remind the players of the deadlines and when the draws are available.  

The tournaments ranges in levels.  The idea behind “Open” events is to allow any age or skill level to play.  Each player is guaranteed 3 matches for each event when entered into singles, doubles, and mixed.  We will work with the Tournament Directors to add a first match consolation draw and add a B level Open draw if players are not strong enough.

If entered into all the events in every division, players will play a minimum of 39 matches.  The goal is to compete in 50+ matches for the summer at the very minimum, not including practice sets.

If a player loses early, we will find ways to incorporate additional practice early in the mornings during the tournament and schedule additional matches for extra practice.  Also, players who lose early will be encouraged to watch the fun matches and learn by sitting next to a coach.

High School Players

Our goal is to help the high school players find the best possible collegiate home.  The number one asset our team provides is decades worth of experience competing and coaching at all levels within the collegiate game.  We have forged great relationships with many of the current collegiate coaches over the years and they will trust our assessment in evaluating players.

The first thing we will do is educate the players on what college programs are looking for from their student-athletes. Generally, there are certain individual characteristics college coaches and elite teams value that help continue their own success.  We want to help the players connect the dots and incorporate all the positve attributes they already possess.  At the same time, we want to help the players eliminate all the negative attritubes that can hurt their draft stock and hurt the team.

Secondly, we will educate the players on how the system works from UTR rankings,, rankings, and USTA rankings.  Results play an important part of the recruiting process and if understood properly, it can help secure the right collegiate home.  College coaches want to help players who love to compete and do it in the right way.

Lastly, we will look at all the short and long term goals of each player when it comes to tennis and life.  We want to have deep conversations of they see their college experience and how that will set them up for 10, 20, 30 years down the road.  We will help the players visualize their future, paint the landscape, and see if it brings out the best version of themselves.


We will be providing lodging for the entire road trip.  Lodging will be a combination of large AirBnb homes (10-15 players per house), hotels, and tournament housing.

Safety will be the #1 priority and curfews will be enforced by staff.

College Visits

For WCTT players in high school or interested in visiting college campuses will be taken to nearby universities on the way up the coast and near cities we compete in. Upon request, West can set up a meeting with the coach or a WCTT coach will show players around campus.

Colleges include:

  • UC San Diego
  • San Diego State
  • Cal Poly
  • UC-Irvine
  • USC
  • UCLA
  • UC Santa Cruz
  • UC Berkeley
  • Stanford
  • St. Marys
  • University of Oregon
  • Seattle University
  • University of Washington

Campus visits upon request, can include any university within a 30 minute radius of our route or event. If a college is not on this list, please inform us and we will try our best.  We need to plan well in advance to make these requests happen.  We will not make any guarantees depending on the size of our group and moving schedules.   

All our coaches will have high level collegiate experience.  All of our coaches will have strong relationships with many of the college coaches nationally.  Use the coaches for help with recruiting and finding the college of their dreams.  They are a valuable asset and can open doors long term.

Our coaches can help save time in the recruiting process.  Players need help navigating all the choices available from academic rigor, majors, campus size, geography, strength of team, scholarship, personality fits for certain coaches, team cultures, etc.

Airport Transfer Transportation

We will personally pick up and drop off each player at the beginning and end of the West Coast Tour.  San Diego pickup and Moraga, CA dropoff.

Any other stops along the way is the responsibility of the player.  Airport transfers within the trip is the responsibility of the player.   We will certainly make sure they arrive safely at the airport and help as best we can without sacrificing the total group schedule.

Video Analysis

Each player will have the opportunity to be taped on our iPads or iPhones on a wide angle lens hanging above the court.  We will tape tournament matches and with the request of the player, coaches can share a time to review the match together.

We will be sharing statistical trends from world class junior, college, and professional level matches.  We will discuss these topics in a classroom setting and teach the players what are the winning combinations for certain gamestyles.

Private Lessons

We will not be doing private lessons unless upon request at an extra cost.  Our coaches will certainly try to help each player individually within the designed practice times.

We encourage our self-motivated players to seek out extra practice between matches by hitting with other players at the tournament site or to grab a basket and practice serves. We will guide our players along the way, but our ultimate goal is to have a team of proactive, independent thinkers. 


We love teaching doubles.  Our coaches have extensive playing and coaching experience at the highest levels in doubles and we want to share that knowledge with you.  Doubles is less random and can be played by a more defined set of rules.  We want to share our secrets to increase the probability of winning.

Also, we think it is important preparing for college tennis to understand and practice doubles.  One of the things overlooked is simply, “How to be a great partner?”  Most of the time, these are attitudal things within our control and we will harp on this continually because even quality people tend to forget.


We will be using an app called Tennis Locker to communicate between players and coaches.  Constant learning and feedback.

Each coach will have a strong playing background at the highest levels of junior, collegiate, and/or professional tennis.  The coaches will share their advice on every facet of the game.

We expect our coaches to compete on a portion of the tour to exhibit “skin in the game” and let the players learn from their coaches in a pressure filled environment.  We all can share our experiences on the court and compete together.

All players will be learning how to deal with the highs and lows of the tournament schedule.

  • Growth mindset versus fixed mindset
  • How to break up the long schedule into short manageable chunks
  • How to keep an even keel through all the turbelence.  Demonstrate maturity through muddy waters.
  • How to handle success
  • How to handle bad days on the road away from family, friends, and familiarity

Players are encouraged to ask the coaches many questions.  Coaches will be giving daily group talks on various topics throughout the summer.

College Players

We want to help the players who are currently competing in college to maximize their potential.  Through a stable environemnt and matchplay, we will help increase the players odds of climbing the lineup.

ITA Summer Circuit events are good.  ITF Pro Circuit events are good.  The West Coast Tour is just a better option for consistent and appropriate level based matchplay without being lonely on the road.

College coaches love seeing their own players competing year round and improving their skill.  There are many ways to continue improving and we will bridge the gap during the summers from the dual match season to the fall season.

Players might have deficiencies in certain areas that limit their success.  We will help our players hone in on their weak spots and enhance their weapons.  Players can test the tweaks in their own game on a weekly basis under pressure in tournaments.

As former college coaches and competitors, our team will help our players mindset when it comes to getting inside the mind of their college coaches or teammates.  We want to help our players become leaders in the lockeroom, give them the tools to improve team culture, and get the best out of others.


Our goal is provide a much broader experience than just tennis.  We want to show you the entire West Coast part of the United States and see something new.

Our staff has access to some incredible people from a wide variety of domains in the real world.  We want to share that with you whether it be a nature landmark or a business landmark.

Each new spot along the way will give us the opportunity to explore landmarks, trails, bodies of water, and towns.

Notable stops and activities:

  • Venice Beach
  • Downtown Santa Barbara – Paseo Dr.
  • Morro Bay
  • Silicon Valley
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Tubing down Deschutes River
  • Multnomah Falls Hike
  • Colombia River
  • Nike Headquarters
  • Crater lake
  • Olympic National Park’s Capa Alava Trail
  • Explore Downtown Portland
  • Seattle’s Pike Place Market
  • Microsoft Headquarters
  • Crabbing in the Puget Sound

We are very spontaneous and looking for an adventure.  We will not hesitate to take photos on the side of the road or detour for a hike if appropriate.  We want to experience life as it comes to us and take it all in.  We are always chasing a nice sunrise or sunset.

We will be updating the blog and photo album with photos of our experiences on a weekly basis.  Each player and parent will have access to these photos.  Also, we will be updating our social media on a daily basis.


Fitness and conditioning on the pro tour emphasizes injury prevention, mobility, and optimizing performance. To stay pain free professionals traveling every week need to stay sharp by focusing largely on recovery. No matter what age every player can develop more pliable, elastic, and looser muscles in order to reach their full physical potential.

The WCTT will use the teachings from Dr. Kelly Starrett’s Becoming a Supple Leppard and Tom Brady’s TB12 method in order to teach each player how to take care of their body on the road. The WCTT will provide each player with a massage ball set and two resistance bands for our mobility sessions.

Our coaches have personally experienced many different conditioning methods and we will share our experiences on what works and what does not on the road.  We are trying to be on the cutting edge based on what we see being utilized at the top Division I programs and players on the pro tour.


The WCTT will provide breakfast each day.

Occasional meals provided on holidays and celebrations.

Rest of the meals will be covered by the player. WCTT will take players out to eat and to grocery stores. We hope by the end of the summer each individual knows a thing or two about cooking!

Match food and water will the responsibility of the players.  Bring a water bottle.


All players will provide their own tennis equipment when it comes to rackets, shoes, clothes, grips, and strings.  We will provide tennis balls for training.

We will be traveling with a stringing machine.  Players are encouraged to string their own racquets.  Players can pay for stringing at $15 per racquet (if they have their own string).


We will be using many of the drills our coaches have used over the years at the highest levels of junior, college, and professional level.  Our goal is to show the players something new.

The West Coast Tour will be constantly adjusting practice schedules.  We have to work with the local clubs for court time and be flexible.  Players who need things to be perfect will have to learn to adapt and thrive in it.

We have many things to look out for to keep players fresh and not burning out.  Each player is at a diffent trajectory in their tennis career, so it is our job to set what is appropriate for each player that week.  We expect players and parents to trust our judgement.  First the smile, then the good tennis.


Please call 858-335-9392 or email to hear about different pricing packages we offer.  We have early bird specials, referral programs, and flexible pricing to fit your needs.  We look forward to chatting with you!

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