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Stellenbosch, South Africa

I have traveled all over the world and South Africa is a place I would visit again.  South Africa has a lot of advantages for a great tennis trip- beautiful landscapes, English is the primary language, and they love tennis. I brought 4 players to South Africa for the...

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Battle of the Sexes Movie

I went to the movies to watch Kaitlyn Christian in the Battle of the Sexes film.  Kaitlyn plays the double for Emma Stone who plays Billie Jean King.  All the tennis scenes were Kaitlyn and I think she did an excellent job representing that style of tennis from that...

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Tampico, Mexico

Last minute trip to $100,000 Tampico, Mexico.  A couple unique things about the tennis conditions in Tampico.  Brand new gritty, high bouncing, slow courts.  Extremely humid and hot.  Mosquitoes flying around on the courts.  Need lots of water. Tampico rewarded...

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Vancouver, Canada

I can't explain some of the things I do.  I decided to drive 8 hours and 39 minutes from Bend, Oregon to Vancouver, Canada to watch Giuliana Olmos at $100,000 Vancouver, Canada. I saw Giuliana won her first round 11-9 in the third set breaker after saving match...

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